Amendment II

The M4 Carbine is the most popular compact rifle in the US today. At 6.5lbs, physical ability is a non-issue for any competent handler.
The M4 Carbine is the most popular compact rifle in the US today. At 6.5lbs, physical ability is a non-issue for any competent handler.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

I must have read this short paragraph hundreds of times in 40 years. How on earth can the anti-gun mob read it differently? How can they logically conclude:
1) A militia is unarmed unless and until it is given the right to be armed? Has anyone ever in history encountered a gun-free militia? NO? I didn’t think so either.

It is this kind of pure rubbish and nonsense that causes me to believe the Left/Liberal/Progressive is secretly animated by an ulterior motive, a hidden agenda. Alas, I am not easily fooled, and I have a nasty habit of speaking my mind and engaging in passionate debate with anyone and whenever I see the need to square away facts and put away delusional fiction. The Left coddles immaturity of thought, enveloped in their safe zones where they are not bothered by reality and truth.

2) Further, after the comma delineation, it reads “the right of the people…” and not “the right of the Militia…” How on earth did Liberal-leaning courts derive such a convoluted conclusion – that the 2nd Amendment authorizes a well regulated Militia to be armed? Are they delusional? Are they mentally incompetent? I DARE SAY SO! These creepy people should NEVER HAVE BEEN APPOINTED JUDGES! Instead, they should have been committed under Welfare and Institution Code Section 5150, for their own safety and the safety of the general populace for cause, the cause being irrational behavior symtomatic of a diseased brain, warranting further definitive diagnosis.


Because I made the above observation and statement-of-fact, the Anti-Gun, Anti-Constitution Seditionists can no longer claim that the text of the 2nd Amendment is one long continuous statement regarding the establishment and arming of Militias. The classic definition of a militia: A loosely organized fighting force made up of ordinary citizens. At the start of the rebellion against the British Crown, there was no standing Continental Army; it was all militia.

(Personally, I don’t consider our National Guard a proper militia in the traditional sense. National Guardsmen wear the same identical uniform as the US Army; the breast label says “US ARMY” not “California National Guard.” Standing side by side, you could not tell the two uniforms apart.  National Guardsmen are equivalent to US Army reservists on temporary assignment to their home state, temporarily under the command of the governor of that particular state until the President of the United States says otherwise). Go ahead, slice-and-dice all you want; but I know what I see.

to be continued…


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