Weekend Editorial:
President Trump’s First 30 Days

It is beyond absurd and utterly ludicrous that some fanatical Liberal reporters would asked “when does the outgoing president’s [economic]  policies stop influencing the economy?” One only needs to go back quite recently, back to when the jobs market reacted positively to the the outcome of the Presidential Election and see the rapid turn-around not seen during outgoing President Obama’s eight years in office.

It is indeed ludicrous to suggest the economic turn-around during the outgoing president’s final two months is a culmination of eight years of “positive market animal spirit” – all the while ignoring the incoming president-elect’s positive message to the business community. Even hair-brained Nancy Pelosi was NOT HAPPY that the new jobs created were not government jobs. Thank you Nancy Pelosi for illustrating this. Private sector jobs are not “real, meaningful jobs” as defined by the Left. Might I also say that the Left shall remain unhappy until every American Citizen, and every single Illegal Alien is on the Federal Government payroll.

Sixty-three percent of Americans either held a job or actively looked for one in February, the highest participation rate in ten months.

The number Americans not in the labor force continued to drop, to 94,190,000 in February, 176,000 fewer than in January and well below the record of 95,102,000 set in December 2016.

M Souza


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