Highly-trained Hamas commandos head to Egypt to team-up with terror group ISIS
Bomb makers are among those said to have joined Islamic State jihadis

by jon lockett 9th February 2017, 1:35 pm
INCREASING numbers of elite Hamas commandos are leaving the Gaza Strip to join forces with ISIS in Egypt.

Members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades and the Hamas commando wing (Nukhba) have teamed-up with the terror group. ISIS now has a strong military presence in Egypt; many have travelled to the war-torn Sinai peninsula which already has a heavy ISIS presence, reports the Times of Israel.

Highly-trained bomb makers are among those said to have joined up with Islamis State jihadis.

ISIS has carried out a string of bloody attacks targeting both civilians and the Egyptian army over the last few years.

The peninsula, which borders Israel and the Gaza Strip, has become home to several extremist groups since the Arab Spring protests of 2011.

Several groups have close ties to Gaza, with arms routinely smuggled back and forth across the border as well as fighters in need of training or medical care.

Egypt’s government openly opposes any military co-operation between ISIS and Hamas. However, lately it has shown some will to reconcile with the Palestinian group – which has vowed the destruction of Israel.

In January, Hamas security officials met with the Egyptian authorities in Cairo for security talks.


Opinion: This begs the thousand-dollar question – Can Egypt be trusted? NO, it would appear at this point, even after both ISIS and Hamas have engaged in hostilities with the Egyptian Army in the Sinai. The only reason ISIS Death Cult is even trying to establish a foothold in the Sinai: To position itself to attack Israel. Hamas is funded by Iran. Iran and ISIS have the same “annihilate Israel totally” as soon as possible.

Unlike the past-president and now infamous Islamo-Apologist Barack Obama, who is a known Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer and supporter, President Donald Trump is not suffering from any delusional psychosis that caused Obama to develop an odd sense of Moral Relativism. Obama has a perverted notion that past European Colonialism is inherently more evil and destructive than Islamo-Fascism.

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