In the aftermath of a bitter and hard-fought election, the usual crowd of public commentators are struggling to pull themselves out of the mud pits in a vainglorious effort to show the entire world that they themselves were somehow poor victims of circumstance too; ha-ha-ho-ho-hee-hee! They tend to forget some of us have  indelible memories of them covered in mud and muck. And, being the self-appointed referees of what-happens-when, they have decided to call for national unity and healing; a magical coming together of wildcats and pit-bulls who mere weeks ago would have had no problem terminating each others existence in darkened allies, ( not counting the ugly protests in the vicinity of Trump Campaign Rallies – a shameful Leftist tactic borrowed from dead-and-gone former President and Destroyer of Venezuela).

Here’s another simple, universally true rule they tend to forget, and often:
Unless all parties are willing to acknowledge that they partook in the feeding frenzy, no healing, no coming-together lovefest orgy will take place. Just not happening.

Another important point of reconciliation – the Left consciously chose to ignore and misinterpret the rules laid down at the founding of this great country – THE US CONSTITUTION. Yes, the SUPREME LAW of the land. Absent the Constitution, we truly have nothing in common. “Common” implies the faithful subscription to the boundaries imposed on the government, and the faithful execution of the laws protecting individual freedom by the government.

I call attention to the two most important Constitutional Amendments that the LEFT has tried to trample:

  • 1st Amendment (free speech, freedom of religion, free press)
  • 2nd Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms)
  • Until the Left stops their unrelenting assault on our Constitutional Rights, we have as much chance of coming together and singing Kumbaya as a snowball’s chance in hell; simply not going to happen.
    A partial list of Leftists:
  • Liberals
  • Democrats
  • Progressives
  • Greenies
  • Socialists
  • Nazi-Sympathizers
  • Communist-Sympathizers

Proposition from the Left
The US Constitution is a “living document”no it is not. It is the supreme law of this nation. It is the possibly the single most idiotic concept ever pretended by the Left. The moment any law is deemed “living and ever-evolving” as the Left means, we are all in serious trouble. This is where I accuse the Left of adopting a Fascist/Communist concept that laws are subject to interpretation as the state deems expedient and necessary to the preservation of Statism.  In Communist China, their constitutional guarantees are subject to interpretation by the government. For example, freedom to worship is “guaranteed” in the Chinese constitution – unless some bureaucrat decides there is some unwritten exception.

You will notice the Left in America behave in precisely the same manner. The 2nd Amendment is the perfect example to illustrate this. You can find articles on this website about the 2nd Amendment, so there is no need to discuss this at length, but suffice it to say the Left has been relentless in their fanatical jihad to destroy it completely by cowardly and underhanded means. What about motive? History tells us the Nazis and Communists both employed civilian disarmament as the prelude to total and absolute control. The Left knows this, but will never, ever admit to it. Instead, they invent straw-man arguments that invariably collapse under logical scrutiny and dissection. Your modern-day Fascist pigs.


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