TRIUMPH! Make America Great Again!

Make America Great Again!

It’s been a long time coming, and I firmly believe we are on the precipice of a revival that happens but once every 100 years. There is much to be done, and we could not have selected a more energetic and capable leader than President-Elect Donald Trump, and Vice-President Elect Mike Pence.  Patriotic Americans wish them every success during their term. May God continue to Bless the USA as we Make America Great Again!

Repairing the Obama Disaster

There is no denying anymore that this great nation has suffered tremendously during a bastardized Obama Regime; a regime filled with markers more akin and commonplace in third-worldly nations on the African continent; leads one to pause and wonder if it is purely coincidental, or is more plausible that Obama is, after all, the proud son of an African Marxist.

And why is that so? Was the upending of our traditions purposeful? Is it even fair to accuse Obama of commanding a 5th Column whose strategic objective was to chip away at our institutions while the main column marched along as though nothing untoward happened?

Then let us be fair and objective and begin by identifying some “probable cause” as prescribed by the 5th Amendment, which teaches us to avoid pressing false charges. We shall employ the method of Comparative Analysis in an attempt to assign weight and credibility.


Observation of media accounts in summary:

Anytime a black man died during some interaction with the police, President Obama wastes no time calling a press conference and immediately accuses the police of targeting and somehow persecuting young black men for no apparent reason. THEN…
Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch would jump into her plane – fueled and waiting – so she can be on scene ready to sic the FBI and her own prosecutors on the police department involved, in a fashion with all the appearances of a military siege. We Conservatives call that excessive and heavy-handed and more akin to 3rd world BS.

Encouraged and practically cheered on by POTUS (President of the United States) and protected by the nation’s top cop Loretta Lynch, some misguided blacks and some white anarchists targeted the police-at-large. Every week, one-two or three police officers would get shot or killed in an ambush; this is unprecedented, and simply cannot happen spontaneously.

And the response or reaction from POTUS or Atty Gen Loretta Lynch? NOT A DAMN THING.

Obama is not a sneaky little bastard by accident; NO, he is is sneaky little bastard BY DESIGN. He learned from the cleverest Marxist, introduces through his Kenyan Marxist father – a seditious Communist named Saul Alinsky who molded Hillary Clinton too.

(to be continued…)

Author’s note: Some articles on this website are a work-in-progress, a true “living document” by any definition. In contrast, the Leftist Progressives will claim that the US Constitution is a “living document.” IT IS NOT, NOR WAS IT MEANT TO BE. RULES ARE WRITTEN FOR A REASON, AND CAN ONLY CHANGE WHEN AMENDED. PERIOD. Listen to Liberals, and you will lose your faculties “progressively.”


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