dnc-cry-baby-sealWHAT THE DEMOCRATS LOST IN 2016

They are completely unhinged now. The Democrat Party lost virtually all political power. Just days before the General Election which also included the Presidential Election, delusional Democrats were falsely exuberant, boldly predicting a total washout by the Republicans and their candidate Donald Trump – the consummate outsider. They taunted at every opportunity, “There’s no way in hell a racist, misogynist, narcissistic bully can beat Hillary Clinton; he’s not qualified; she has 30+ years experience in government, she is the only qualified candidate!”


Here is the obvious damage control report:
◆ House
◆ Senate
◆ White House
◆ Supreme Court
◆ 32 state governorship
◆ Global Warming Hoax
◆ DACA & DAPA (Dreamers)
◆ Anti 2nd A gun confiscation
◆ Anti 1st A free speech suppression

What is not so obvious
What we cannot easily see beyond the tip of the giant iceberg melting away below the surface – in waters warmed by Republican-caused Global Warming.  Their party, “the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored…” is being trampled upon.

The Holy Bible cites many examples of the seven years of plague and misery, which coincides with the eighth year of Obama’s destructive reign. In his first year in office, he set about the implementation of his plan to undo God’s Divine Gift to the citizens of the United States – the most Blessed, most generous and rightly prosperous nation this earth has ever witnessed. For allowing him the presidency, we had to endure seven years of biblical setback. Let us pray the Lord spare us from such an unworthy mistake again.


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