when-did-ignorance-become-a-point-of-viewQuite simply put,  the 2016 Presidential Election illustrated to the majority of us that the people of United States are being heavily manipulated by traditional media – TV news networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN; and during this election cycle, sad to say, even Fox News showed bias against the Republican Party Candidate Donald J Trump.

Pollsters turned into negative propagandists too, sad to say Frank Luntz fell into the giant trap too. Such a big disappointment! He admitted as much after the election. The lesson here is even the smart and astute can fall prey to overwhelming leftist propaganda.

I was getting a little bored with the daily grind of posting and re-posting comments on Facebook; Facebook thrives on people’s emotions. Let’s face it, Facebook is not a serious platform for getting down into the nuts and bolts of issues; it is a soundbite loudspeaker filled with amateurish and sometimes phony blog articles propelled by grossly misleading headlines – run by greedy little creepos bunkered in their parents’ basement probably dressed in their dirty underwear. Few possess basic writing skills, and too many are disgustingly deceptive — a prime example is a  Liberal atheist running a site pretending to be Christian Conservative. On November 15th, I heard on the news that Twitter and Facebook are scrutinizing these despicable phony sites and will take them down.

While the theme is “Free Speech and our 1st Amendment Right” you can readily see how it encompasses everything that can be discussed, such as the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms (which will be an anchor theme too).

My Free Speech Platform